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The Widest Selection of Designer Eyeglasses in London, ON

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Brands available in our eyewear boutique include:

Designer eyewear

At Vue Vision Centre we know that your look and personality are unique and we want to celebrate that.

We’ve collected some of the best designer names in eyewear from all around the world. Our grand selection of frames presents you with the opportunity to play with your personal style.

What shape or size goes best with your signature look? The possibilities are endless. All of our frames are handpicked by us to ensure that our products meet our patients’ standards.

Our staff is here to help you in every aspect of your visit, from picking your frame to understanding your insurance. It is a great feeling to introduce new technology to you, from our quality and premium lenses to our newest in-frame materials.

Trained Professionals

Not sure what kind of statement you’d like to present to the world?

Our trained professionals would love to help you out. Book an appointment for your complimentary personal styling session and we’ll find the perfect pair of glasses for you.

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A lens design that meets your needs

The wide range of lenses and lens coatings available allow us to customize your glasses prescription for you. Lens designs are selected after the frame is chosen with the prescription in mind in order to minimize the thickness of the lens, while maximizing the aesthetic appearance and clarity achieved by the lens.

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the best service and product quality possible. Our eyewear and specialized lenses come with a warranty to ensure that your purchase is safe from manufacturing defects.

We also have a generous non-adapt policy on lenses if your new glasses are not working for you or a prescription or design change is necessary. When you collect your new glasses, they will be verified and the fitting will be fine-tuned to ensure that they meet the highest standards of accuracy and provide optimal comfort and the clearest vision. As part of our complimentary aftercare, we are happy to re-align or clean your glasses whenever needed.

Please feel free to come in!

We are able to accommodate several types of lens designs and prescriptions including but not limited to:
Single Vision
Occupational (prescription safety glasses)
Sports eyewear
Sun eyewear
Golf eyewear
Cycling/motorcycling eyewear
Tennis/Squash eyewear
Swimming/Snorkling eyewear
Ski Goggles
Specialised sports eyewear is designed with a specific shape and technology that performs best for the activity that you enjoy.

We can combine the ideal design with your current glasses prescription to help enhance your vision while you perform.

If you have a current prescription and are looking to change your glasses or sunglasses, no appointment is required. Simply pop in to browse our collections!

If you have any questions in regards to your specialised eyewear and prescription needs, please come in for a free eyewear consultation and bring your current prescription or book a walk-in exam and get the most up-to-date prescription.